The far-Left & the alt-Right

Posts about the far-Left and alt-Right.


  1. Political violence.
  2. The far Left.
  3. The far Right and alt-Right.
  4. Antifa.
  5. Racism.
  6. Fascism.
  7. White nationalism.
  8. Both sides have turned against us.

(1)  Political violence

(2)  The far-Left

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(3)  The far-Right and alt-Right

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(4)  Antifa

(5)  Racism

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(6)  Fascism

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(7)  White Nationalism.

(8) Both sides have turned against us

  1. The similar delusions of America’s Left and Right show our common culture – and weakness.
  2. Programs to reshape the American mind, run by the left and right.
  3. Polarization and hot rhetoric conceal two similar political parties. Will we ever notice?
  4. In America, both Left and Right love the long war.
  5. At the Tampa Convention Right & Left display our great illness: Tribalism.
  6. Who lies to us the most? Left or Right?
  7. Delusions of the well-educated and intelligent on the Left and Right leave us nowhere to hide.
  8. Facts are the enemy of both Left and Right in our America.
  9. Dreams of apocalypses show the brotherhood of America’s Left & Right.
  10. Four views of America (Left & Right) showing that we’re ripe for realignment.
  11. 2016 revealed the true nature of America’s left & right. It’s bad news.
  12. Our Right & Left have lost their way. Saul Alinsky points to a better politics.
  13. Left and Right use race as a way to divide America.
  14. Watch the Left and Right move against America.
  15. DEFCON 2: both Left and Right have turned against us.
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