The Trump years in America

Posts about politics in America during the Trump years.

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  1. Setting the stage.
  2. Trump’s people.
  3. Trump’s policies: at home.
  4. Trump’s policies: abroad.
  5. Washington games.
  6. The Left Responds.
  7. About impeachment.
  8. Political violence rises, again.
  9. Looking to the future, after Trump.

(1) Setting the stage

(2) Trump’s people

(3) Trump’s policies: at home

(4) Trump’s policies: abroad

(5)  Washington games

(6) The Left Responds

(7)  About impeachment

  1. The GOP might impeach Trump, changing our politics forever – for the better.
  2. What Trump told Russia, why it matters, and why journalists ignore the smartest man in Washington.

(8) Political violence rises, again

(9) Looking to the future, after Trump