Guns: blood vs regulations

As the blood flows across America, we grapple with the many questions about guns. Do they make us safer? What powers do governments have to regulate guns? What can we learn from the experiences of other nations. These posts provide some answers.


  1. Gun violence in America
  2. History of gun regulation in America
  3. Guns in other nations

(1) Gun violence in America

  1. Another mass killing in America. Watch the reactions on the Right.
  2. Guns do not make us safer. Why is this not obvious?
  3. Do guns make us more safe, or less? Let’s look at the research.
  4. What are the odds of violence from the Right in America?
  5. Our love for gun play grows as our trust in ourself wanes. Logical, mad, sad.
  6. The number of children killed by guns in America makes us exceptional, not better.
  7. After Orlando, should we repeal the second amendment?
  8. Cut thru the lies and myths to understand guns in America.
  9. Don’t just mourn. Remember what we know about guns.
  10. Why Americans love guns and don’t care about the blood.
  11. Debunking the hysteria about mass shootings.
  12. Is an armed society a safe society? – Spoiler: no.
  13. Fury at new mass shootings. Disinterest in the daily killings.

(2)  History of gun regulation in America

  1. The Founders talk to us about guns for a well-regulated militia.
  2. “The right to shoot tyrants, not deer”.
  3. Let’s look at the Second Amendment, cutting through the myths and spin.
  4. Second amendment scholarship (using money to reshape America).
  5. Gun regulations made the West not so Wild.

(3)  Guns in other nations

  1. But Hitler confiscated guns, leaving Germans helpless!
  2. News from England on the great experiment about gun rights.
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