Don Vandergriff

Donald E. Vandergriff is considered an expert on Mission Command, Maneuver Warfare and Leader Development using the latest in Learning Methodologies. He is a noted speaker, award winning author, and teacher being named ROTC teacher of the year. He is also the author or editor of six other books and over 100 articles. He is also a retired Marine and Army officer having served 24 years in uniform, and another 12 years as a contractor, both overseas and in the US.

From his author profile:

How do we develop leaders who are adaptable, agile and able to help our organizations evolve in the face of an unpredictable environment?

When organizations confront this challenge they turn to Don Vandergriff. Inspired by the ideas of the late, great Colonel John Boyd, his work on Leadership Development, Outcomes Based Training & Education and Personnel Management has been adopted by organizations as diverse as the US Navy Seals and Georgetown University. He is the leading thinker and practitioner of Adaptive Leader development and his ideas are innovative, powerful and effective.

Don has written or contributed to five books and dozens of articles on leader development and personnel management. His book “Raising the Bar: Creating and Nurturing Adaptability to Deal with the Changing Face of War” is required reading at West Point. Like John Boyd Don Vandergriff is a true visionary. Warrior-writers such as Douglas MacGregor, T. X. Hammes have incorporated his concepts into their books and a number of magazine articles have featured Don’s work.

Review this entry on the Fabius Maximus site for a more in-depth breakdown of his work. Visit his website here.

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