Modern War’s top experts

This page provides links to archives of links to online works of major players in modern military theory and practice.  Needless to say, this is a work in progress, as there are so many excellent people in these fields.

Please send suggestions for other experts to be included in the future; email me at fabmaximus at hotmail dot com  {this is the spam-protected form of the address, to fool bots}.

Other resources

The Defense and the National Interest (DNI) website is a massive archive of works on many aspects of modern warfare and geopolitics.  New articles are posted on the DNI blog.

The Counterinsurgency Library:  “What makes this site unique is that it is both collaborative and dedicated to both the practical and deeply philosophical issues surrounding counterinsurgency. Many of the articles included here deal with specific counterinsurgencies, ranging from Iraq to Malaysia to Vietnam; other articles address practical questions such as the role of indigenous police forces in counterinsurgency. Still others deal with the theoretical foundations of the state, a subject that, even while largely unacknowledged, underlies counterinsurgency efforts. At all times, this site is interested in a holistic view of success in counterinsurgency.”

A typology for military theory

I have developed a simple typology to show the relationship of the many works on modern warfare (a work in progress), to help see who is writing about what part of the puzzle.  This has evolved into a fitst cut at describing a solution to 4GW.  These are the first steps in a long series.

  1. A solution to 4GW — the introduction
  2. How to get the study of 4GW in gear
  3. Arrows in the Eagle’s claw — solutions to 4GW
  4. Arrows in the Eagle’s claw — 4GW analysts
  5. Visionaries point the way to success in the age of 4GW
  6. 4GW: A solution of the first kind – Robots!
  7. 4GW: A solution of the second kind – Shawn Brimley has provided an example of a solution of the second kind with “A Grand Strategy of Sustainment”.  It is good, but we need to move on; solutions of the second kind do us little good.
  8. 4GW: A solution of the third kind – Don Vandergriff is one of the very few today implementing solutions of the third kind.
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