Europe: disintegrate or unify?

Posts about one of the great events of our time.


  1. Forecasting the crisis in Europe.
  2. Posts about Greece.
  3. Reporting Europe’s slow march to the cliff.
  4. Other articles about Europe’s march to unification.

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(1) Forecasting the crisis in Europe

The vicious cycle. Click to enlarge.
  1. The post-WWII geopolitical regime is dying. Chapter One , 21 November 2007 — Why the current geopolitical order is unstable, describing the policy choices that brought us here.
  2. Can the European Monetary Union survive the next recession?, 11 July 2008
  3. Every day the new world emerges, yet we see it not. Like today, as Europe begs China for loans, 15 September 2011

(2) Posts about Greece

  1. A great speech by the PM of Greece. How soon until an American President says similar words?, 3 March 2010
  2. The EU does Kabuki for Greece. Is it the next domino to fall?, 14 April 2010
  3. Important: Former Central Bank Head Karl Otto Pöhl says bailout plan is all about ‘rescuing banks and rich Greeks’, 20 May 2010
  4. Hot news! The Wehrmacht failed to take Greece. Now Germany tries again, with a different method., 28 January 2012
  5. Europe has chosen a harsh future. All the paths for Greece lead into darkness., 24 February 2012
  6. A note from Athens: Feeling on the ground has palpably changed, 1 March 2012 — A clear sign that the Greek people are ready for change
  7. What’s happening in Greece? News from the front lines of Europe!, 22 September 2012
By David Einhorn, Greenlight Capita. Click to enlarge.

(3)  Europe’s slow march to the cliff

  1. The periphery of Europe – a flashpoint to the global economy, 8 February 2010
  2. Governments cannot go bankrupt, 2 April 2010 — But they can default.
  3. About the Euro crisis: the experts are wrong; the German people are right., 7 May 2010
  4. The Fate of Europe, nearing the point of decision, 13 September 2011
  5. Europe drifts towards the brink of a cataclysm, 26 September 2011
  6. Delusions about easy fixes for Europe, dreaming during the calm before the storm, 30 September 2011
  7. Is Europe primed for chaos, as it was in July 1914?, 7 October 2011
  8. Today Europe’s leaders took another step towards the edge of the cliff, 27 October 2011
  9. Where to from here, Europe? Some experts share their views., 8 November 2011
  10. Status report on Europe’s slow re-birth (first, the current system must die), 10 November 2011
  11. Looking ahead to see the new shape of Europe, 22 November 2011
  12. Europe passes the last exit. A great crisis lies ahead., 21 February 2012
  13. The Fate of Europe has become visible. Only how and when the break comes remains uncertain., 6 June 2012
  14. Europe has a political crisis. The economics are just symptoms., 11 July 2012
  15. The hidden goal of Europe’s leaders. See it and then their actions make sense., 27 July 2012
  16. Last week they spoke comforting words, but I saw only the frightening aspects of the euro-crisis, 30 July 2012
  17. Spain’s’ only three options for recovery, 17 November 2012
The eventual solution

(4) Other articles about Europe’s march to unification

  1. France’s Broken Dream“, Martin Feldstein (Prof Economics, Harvard), Project Syndicate, 26 May 2012
  2. The End Of The Euro: A Survivor’s Guide“, Peter Boone and Simon Johnson, The Baseline Scenario, 28 May 2012
  3. The Euro: an alternative moral tale“, Simon Wren-Lewis (Prof Economics, Oxford), 1 June 2012
  4. Important: Remarks by George Soros at the Festival of Economics, Trento Italy, 2 June 2012 — Deserves attention, as he has proven to understand currency unions better than almost everybody.

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