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The lowdown on OODA Loops

Fabius mentions our broken OODA loops from time to time. Here’s guide for the perplexed. Don’t feel bad. It took Boyd a while, too. A big part of his problem was that he was using the OODA loop concept to do three things: Control our actions in the […]

Why liberals lose: weak strategy

Summary: Today’s post by Chet Richards (Colonel, USAF, retired) applies the analytical tools of strategy and tactics to American politics.  At the end is a primer on grand strategy. Juan Cole (Prof History, U MI), one of our most perspicuous observers on the Middle East, ran a blog […]

Is 4GW magnifique?

Summary:  FM writer Chet Richards (Colonel, USAF, retired) describes what our military refuses to see, that 4GW has become the dominate form of warfare in our age.  That others are mastering it, while we spend vast sums preparing for wars that will not occur again during our lives.  […]

Mission Accomplished in Libya

A couple of years ago, I suggested that Involvement of allies reduces the requirement for U.S. military forces, and a show of international solidarity could alleviate the need for armed intervention. You might also raise the issue of why we’re always the ones trundling our military forces around […]