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Rao responds on the blog he created to discuss ideas from the book.  You may also be interested in following him at his personal blog.

Book Review: Tempo

Tempo:   Timing, Tactics and Strategy in Narrative-Driven Decision-Making by Venkatesh Rao   (Ribbonfarm, 2011; 154 pages).  Reviewed by Chet Richards A good book is read more than once while accumulating copious notes in its margins and on the blank pages that the publisher has thoughtfully provided before and after the text.  Venkatesh Rao has written a …

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Robocop is not a good role model for the youth of Detroit

Summary:  They are building a statue of RoboCop in Detroit, pointing their youth down a well-worn path leading to a dead end.  Links to other posts in this series appear at the end. Detroit is building a statue to commemorate Robocop.  This is a bad idea. From “Detroit Needs Robocop, now more than ever. Why a proposed …

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About Fourth Generation Infections

Summary:  Chet Richards explains the nature of outlaw organizations in the 21st century.  Less dangerous but more difficult to exterminate than insurgents.  Not romantic, but profitable.  Like warfare, crime will always be with us — but its form evolves along with society. We now have two chronic examples of fourth generation infections: The Somali pirates Narcotrafficking …

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America plays the Apollo Option: killing from the sky

Summary:   In this post by Chet Richards he looks at the long-term consequences of a grand strategy relying so strongly on assassination — esp by drone aircraft.  It’s an innovation likely to have powerful and unforeseen side-effects. The Greeks called Apollo “He who strikes from afar.”  He could, being a god, smite you from across vast …

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