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Military Historian, author of four books and 60 articles on military affairs, leadership, maneuver warfare, and the generations of war. Currently a day time employee of L-3 Communications in support of Army TRADOC, and on the side I run Maverick leadership

Petraeus’s Baby

Summary:  Even the war’s supporters paint a gloomy picture of the current situation.  Post by Don Vandergriff.  Obama’s presidency is now being defined by four intractable problems: Persistent High Unemployment due to the intractable Great Recession a Financial Giveaway that protected rich Wall Street bankers at the expense […]

Recommended reading: transforming the Army, the hard way

ARMY magazine has posted part two of Donald Vandergriff’s (Major, US Army, retired) article about the Adaptive Leaders Course.  This describes one path to organizational transformation.  The difficult way, building from the foundation up — building something that outlasts all the hot intellectual fads, and can evolve over generations.  The senior Army […]