About Anonymous – an emerging cyberpower

Summary: Our defense experts obsess over obsolete weapons while non-state groups perfect 4GW and cyberwar, one reason their forecasts for our wars are so often wrong. Unlike supercarriers and stealth fighters, these new forces will shape the 21st century. This post by cybersecurity expert Emilio Iasiello looks at Anonymous, a growing cyber-power.


“Anonymous” –
Balancing Social Consciousness with Civil Disobedience

By Emilio Iasiello
Posted at Dead Drop (of the LookingGlass Cyber Threat Intelligence Group)
28 January 2015. Posted with his gracious permission.

The decentralized hacking enclave “Anonymous” is known for undertaking numerous campaigns that target perceived injustice, as well as cause general digital civil disobedience.  Regardless, the group’s extensive membership is varied and widespread, gaining global attention for its various activities.  The diversity of their campaigns adds to their mystique and further complicates public perception of their motives.

While Anonymous has received significant press from its recent efforts against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) via the now-splintered offshoot the Ghost Security Group, there are several other campaigns that have slipped under the media’s radar.  A recent article has surfaced highlighting some of these efforts that span across a variety of social issues.  While some of their activities are not looked favorably upon by some, the enigmatic group’s recent engagements potentially demonstrate a maturing evolution into an issues-orientated movement that both thinks and acts globally.

The attention garnered by Anonymous has been important in drawing attention to those issues that may escape the public spotlight.  Some of these include but are not limited to…

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Attention Americans: the Revolution has begun. You must choose a side.

Summary: The first sparks of Revolution are invisible to the Proles and considered insignificant by the Outer Party.  Only the fierce reaction by the government reveals their importance.  The combination of power and ambition gives senior government officials a clarity of vision we lack.  Watch these sparks. The opportunity to take sides might not last long, before they get snuffed out. Post your thoughts about these events in the comments. For deeper analysis see the links at the end.

It’s the holiday season! Americans gather in their homes, whining about irresponsible and incompetent government while watching TV and consuming their favorite drugs.  Citizens on the extremes wander in their minds, lost in delusions. Those on the Right fondle their guns, dream of insurrection, and vote straight-line GOP.  Those on the Left read esoteric theological and philosophical tracts; they dream of Gaia ejecting the proles so they can rebuild Eden.

But a few citizens act against the regime — daring odds no sane man would attempt.  Revolutions are not begun by cool considerate men, but by those who live outside the envelope of rational ordered lives.  (Revolutions take root if they later attract people of property and calculation.)



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