Bernard Finel examines American Delusions

Summary: Today guest author Bernard Finel discusses one of the major themes of the FM website:  our broken thinking (aka dysfunctional observation-orientation-decision-action loop).  This was originally posted at his website on 17 January 2012. "American Delusions" by Bernard Finel One of the biggest problems with our domestic political discourse is that much of the American … Continue reading Bernard Finel examines American Delusions


Second thoughts by 2 major boosters of the Af-Pak War (better late than never)

Summary:   Guest author Bernard Finel discusses yet another think-tank report giving prescriptions for the Af-Pak War.  But this one is a surprise, a serious walk-back by one of the powerful institutional advocates of our foreign wars.  Perhaps they're cutting their losses and gearing up for the next war.  Iran or Mexico? FM Introduction Here Bernard Finel reviews "A … Continue reading Second thoughts by 2 major boosters of the Af-Pak War (better late than never)

Toward a National Renewal for America

Summary:  In this article guest author Bernard Finel examines the problems facing America, their causes and treatment. The FM website has an on-going discussion about “Reigniting the Spirit of America.”  I find this an interesting discussion, and one I’d like to both highlight and contribute to.  In this post,  I’d like to make a few framing comments, … Continue reading Toward a National Renewal for America

Obama vs. the Generals

Summary:  Guest author Bernard Finel examines the public excerpts from the latest book of Woodward, stenographer to the greats of our Versailles-on-the-Potomac.  What does this tell us about Obama?  Nothing good.  Nothing we did not already suspect. A lot of people have been pitching the revelations in the Woodward book as Obama vs. the Generals.  … Continue reading Obama vs. the Generals