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Snapshots from the edge’s of western society, where change first appears

Snapshots by that acute and politically incorrect observer, Mark Steyn.  These are worth reading in full! About antisemitism: “Anti-Semitic Attack with Machete at Carlton University“, Michael Coren (Canadian syndicated columnist), 5 April 2010 Steyn’s analysis:  “Macheteculturalism“, National Review Online, 6 April 2010 About the fading away of the right […]

The media – a broken component of America’s machinery to observe and understand the world

Summary:  This post examines our broken mainstream media, a vital component of America’s observation-orientation-decision-action loop (the OODA loop).  Mark Steyn provides a a current illustration; Lewis Lapham shows that this results from a long period of decay.  At the end are links to other articles on this subject. The apparatus by […]