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Another attempt to justify our Af-Pak war, and show the path to victory

This morning’s recommended reading:  “How to Lose in Afghanistan“, Anthony H. Cordesman (Center for Strategic and International Studies), op-ed in the Washington Post, 31 August 2009. Nothing illustrates the essential irrationality of our Af-pak war better than the illogic of the war’s advocates.  They must exist in a self-referential […]

Reading Recommendations – about our infrastructure

Important and interesting articles and reports published recently about America’s infrastructure. “High Speed Rail Proposals Map“, Matthew Yglesias, ThinkProgress, 21 April 2009 — Cost be dammed thinking from a young leftist journalist. “Infrastructure Madness“, Jack Shafer, Slate, 21 April 2009 — “Don’t believe everything you read about the failing bridges […]