“Mexico: On the Road to a Failed State?”

Martin van Creveld’s theory that the 21st century will see the “decline of the State”, a reversal of the long ascent of the State since the Treaties of Westphasia ended the 30 Years War in 1648.  His critics say that there is so far insufficient evidence.  Mexico may soon provide an unmistakable example. If events in the Middle East …

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“High Stakes South of the Border”

Two of the many benefits of subscribing to Stratfor are (1) its reporting on geopolitical trends not yet visible to the mainstream media, and (2) it provides a window into the thinking of America’s elites (Stratfor’s customers, senior business and government officials with whom it must stay in synch). We get both in a new report:  “High …

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Is Mexico unraveling?

Here are some excerpts from Stratfor’s weekly “Mexico Security Memos”, perhaps the best window (in America) to the events in our southern neighbor. Mexico’s internal security situation continues to deteriorate, another “Decline of the State” in progress (as described by Martin van Creveld in Rise and Decline of the State). These are just a sample, …

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