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WPR: “Counterinsurgency in the Post-COIN Era”

Summary:  A special issue of World Politics Review reveals the key problems facing the US military.  They provide little meaningful analysis, let alone solutions.  But these articles provide a start for the necessary reevaluation of our fantastically expensive military, foundation for our mad and unprofitable empire. “Counterinsurgency in the Post-COIN Era“, Special Feature Report of the World Politics …

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Updates about hot issues discussed on the FM website

Some articles about themes discussed on the FM website. Demographics, shaping our world India  Japan American’s greatest enemy America’s rotten boroughs — States with 2 Senators, but few people (1)  About Demographics Excerpt from “Falling fertility“, The Economist, 29 October 2009 — “Astonishing falls in the fertility rate are bringing with them big benefits”

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