Two perspectives on the Afghanistan War

Summary:  Here are two examples of American geopolitical analysis.  Both deserve attention, illustrating the two modes of American thinking about our role in the world. "Afghanistan: Why the Taliban are Winning", Stratfor, 1 September 2010 -- Careful, well-supported, logical. "Staying Power - The U.S. Mission in Afghanistan Beyond 2011", Michael O'Hanlon, Foreign Affairs, September/October 2010 -- … Continue reading Two perspectives on the Afghanistan War

America needs a Foreign Legion

Michael O'Hanlon advocates recruiting foreigners into the US military in this Bookings Institute video:  "The Future of the Military".  He wrote two articles with Max Boot advocating this.  "Create a U.S. foreign legion", Armed Forces Journal (March 2007). "A Military Path to Citizenship", Washington Post (19 October 2006). These articles have attracted much consideration, even mockery, but the … Continue reading America needs a Foreign Legion