The New America needs a new national anthem! Here’s my nomination.

Summary: We have become a new nation, and so need a new national Anthem.  Just as the old anthem reflected the spirit and needs of the Republic, so should our new anthem. Here’s my nomination. Post yours in the comments!

The “Star Spangled Banner” fit The-America-That-Once-Was, a defiant song of a free people, often fighting to defend their Republic.  It ill-suits a somnolent and obese people, whose armies fight to maintain a foreign empire that benefits only the 1%.

Here is a suggestion from the past about a national anthem for The New America. It has lyrics suitable for a plutocracy, reflecting the attitude of our ruling elites.  The sing of their stark realism, which belies a popular delusion today that our ruling elites are fools.  In fact they are, as they have always been, cool considerate men. Don’t count on them making large mistakes, or many of them.



Lyrics to the new nation anthem for The New America

Come ye cool cool conservative men
The likes of which may never be seen again
We have land, cash in hand
Self-command, future planned
Fortune flies, society survives
In neatly ordered lives with well-endowered wives

We sing hosanna, hosanna
To our breeding and our banner
We are cool

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