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Swear allegiance to the truth as a step to reforming America

Summary:  Today we look at a characteristic of the people of New America, one that pushes us away from the America-that-once-was: our increasingly tribal view of the world, each with its own lies and contempt for those who disagree (especially experts). It keeps us easy to rule, and makes impossible to find our own common destiny.

Divide et impera.
– Divide and rule, a maxim that served Rome as well as it serves the 1% today

The Truth key

  1. Making ourselves dumber
  2. Causes?
  3. Why do we do this?
  4. Reforming America
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(1)  Making ourselves dumber

This comment from a well-informed reader to Are we following Japan into an era of slow growth, even stagnation?:

“Economic decline {since the crash} is obvious to any sane observer.”

Almost every US economic metric has improved since the recession ended in 2009 — four years ago. What level of propaganda can induce this level of false knowledge? Yet this fierce belief in false knowledge — about easily found information — has become ubiquitous on the Right.

And on the Left, mostly focused on climate change since they abandoned the IPCC. Every large weather event brings forth claims that this results from anthropogenic global warming. And often, claims that this is “worst ever” or “unprecedented”, and that such events are increasing in frequency and severity. Usually without historical support, or even contradicted by the IPCC (e.g., their report on Extreme Weather).

Further supporting our tribalism is our reaction to contrary evidence: rejection. The readership of the FM website is ideologically diverse, and so we see this allergy worked out in the comments section as people squeal with rage when their biases are pealed off like scabs and exposed to daylight. On Twitter people can flee, as unfollows surge following tweets of facts that disturb the sleep of ideologues on the Left or Right.

No wonder we have become polarized as a nation, when we cannot agree on simple facts. How can we find a common future, when we cannot begin discussions about values and trade-offs because each side considers the other — correctly — deluded about simple things.

(2)  Causes?

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Learning to see beyond the American Pravda

Summary:  Here we discuss a powerful article about a serious weakness of America — our broken observation-orientation-decision-action loop. Specifically, our ability to orient our present in term of our history, a broken mechanism because of our amnesia and gullibility. We need not be like this; we can change.

Unless we see & remember, news is the 21st C's opiate of the masses.

Unless we see & remember, news is the 21st C’s opiate of the masses.


Recommended reading: “Our American Pravda“, Ron Unz, The America Conservative, 29 April 2013 — “The major media overlooked Communist spies and Madoff’s fraud. What are they missing today?”

The author discusses one of the marvels of our age: how the world is nothing like we saw it a 70 years ago, or even a decade ago. The author discusses a some noteworthy examples of our gullibility and amnesia.

  • The serious penetration of communist sympathisers and agents in the US government (although exaggerated by conservatives like McCarthy, Nixon, and Unz).
  • The frequent failure of our corporate accounting and regulatory apparatus, as seen in the tech-boom busts (with Enron the last and largest examples) and the banking failures during the great recession.
  • The massive campaign of lies surrounding the anthrax attack (so vital in passing the Patriot Act) and our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • And other stories even more thoroughly ignored by the mainstream press, and so remaining unknown to the American people.

Unz’s great article just scratches the surface of the layered deceptions preventing Americans from clearly seeing the world as it is.

Our Presidents, a facade of lies hides the men

US Presidents are among the most closely scrutinized people on the planet. We must know their true nature since they take office only after a successful career and brutally long election.  But we don’t. In fact the media help develop characterizations for Presidents & VPs, which becomes “fact” for Americans through intensive indoctrination. Kennedy was a sportsman and family man. Ford was a clumsy. Dan Quayle was dumb. Reagan was a fool. It’s astonishing how consistently wrong these are. Backwards, even.

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Tell Me How This Ends: Restoring American Power in the 21st Century

Summary:  Guest author Mike Few looks at America’s broken observation-orientation-decision-action loop, and proposes a three-program for reform.


Tell Me How This Ends:
Restoring American Power in the 21st Century

By Mike Few

Many posts on the FM website speak extensively about America’s Decline and broken OODA Loops. If his assessments are accurate, then what must be done to fix our internal problems?

The answer may lie in the Observe Function of Boyd’s OODA loop, changing the way that we see ourselves and the world. But, changing the broken Observe Function is not easy. It requires brutal honesty and a willingness to change. Above all, it requires us to listen to some hard truths.

Today, we feel a need to “fix” the Syria and Iran problems. Last year, it was Yemen and Libya. Next year, it’ll probably be Mexico and China. Why do we feel the need to solve the world’s problems when they do not directly affect our national security? Why haven’t we had a period of introspection to determine why we lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

It starts with how we observe the world. Since 9/11, the American public has been afraid of the terrorist bogeymen, a distraction from actually facing the real problems of the 21st Century. These problems include but are not limited to water shortages, energy shortages, rise of the rest, decline of the American middle class, crisis of the nation-state, rise of the transnational companies, and the burgeoning of the megabank.

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