The Rough Math of Surrogate Warfare, today as it was in 1805

Summary: Today we review a book that held special appeal to the Marine Special Operations Command's (MarSoc's) Foreign Military Training Unit (FMTU) because the it tells of a covert expedition -- what today we'd call unconventional warfare.  Nothing is truly new in war, as this was the Marine Corps expedition to the shores of Tripoli … Continue reading The Rough Math of Surrogate Warfare, today as it was in 1805


About Fourth Generation Infections

Summary:  Chet Richards explains the nature of outlaw organizations in the 21st century.  Less dangerous but more difficult to exterminate than insurgents.  Not romantic, but profitable.  Like warfare, crime will always be with us -- but its form evolves along with society. We now have two chronic examples of fourth generation infections: The Somali pirates Narcotrafficking … Continue reading About Fourth Generation Infections

New research about pirates!

Papers about piracy presented at the February 2010 convention of the International Studies Association convention:   "Theory vs. Policy? Connecting Scholars and Practitioners".  You might find some of these of interest.  Piracy shows western geopolitical thinking in unusual clarity.  Can we respond to a small threat without losing our minds?  Not every geopolitical moment is Munich, September 1938.  Can … Continue reading New research about pirates!