Is global food production peaking?

Summary:  Peak food would be bad news, since the world’s population will increase for a few more generations, until falling fertility sends it crashing down.   But there is little evidence of this, and much suggesting that food production can greatly increase. Notes: This is just a sketch, not an analysis.  Please post in the comments any references to …

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Iran buys wheat from American – is this significant?

The recent purchases of wheat by Iran from Ameican sources has generated some comment.  Here are the available facts, plus some analysis of its geopolitical effects. Iran needs grain We have wheat for sale Conclusions Another perspective, by M. Simon 1.  Iran needs grain “IRAN: 2008/09 Wheat Production Declines Due to Drought“, US Dept of Agriculture, 9 …

Iran buys wheat from American – is this significant? Read More »

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