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About America’s biological attack on the Ukraine army

Summary: This month’s hot undernews concerns the small epidemic in Ukraine, said to be caused by release of the California Flu from a US research lab. Here we do the usual diagnostic, tracing the story from its origin as propaganda by rebels to its appearance as exciting news on popular websites. How many people have come to believe this story? We have to do better if we’re to regain control of America.


DPR Defense Ministry: Situation Report” posted by the Donbass International News Agency (DNI News), 22 January 2016 — Press release by Eduard Basurin, Vice-Commander of the Defence Ministry Corps of the Donetsk People’s Republic (rebels in eastern Ukraine). Money paragraph (bold in original)…

“According to the medical personnel of the AFU {Armed Forces units of the Ukraine} there were recorded mass diseases among the Ukrainian military personnel in the field. Physicians recorded the unknown virus as a result of which the infected get the high fever which cannot be subdues by any medicines, and in two days there comes the fatal outcome. Thus far from the virus there have died more than twenty servicemen, what is carefully shielded by the commandment of the AFU from the publicity.”

The next I see is “Deadly virus leaked from US laboratory in Donbass – DPR Army and Intelligence“, also posted by DNI News, 22 January 2016. It adds more detail.

“More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized in a short period of time because of new and deadly virus, which is immune to all medicines. Donetsk People’s Republic intelligence has reported that Californian Flu is leaked from the same place where research of this virus has been carried out. The laboratory is located near the city of Kharkov and its base for US military experts. Information from threatening epidemic is announced by Vice-Commander of Donetsk Army, Eduard Basurin.”

The story was picked up by several dozen websites. It hit the big time rumor-mill with “US Unleashing Deadly Virus in Donbass, Ukraine?” by Stephen Lendman (bio here) at the Center for Research on  Globalization, on January 24. Lendman reports as fact this propaganda from the Russia-backed rebels (the Donetsk People’s Republic has not been recognized by any nation).

Other websites re-broadcast the story, including some overseas — such as “20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After US Lab ‘Leaks’ Deadly Virus In Ukraine” posted by Macedonian International News Agency on January 25. The story hit the major leagues when Zero Hedge posted “20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab ‘Leaks’ Deadly Virus In Ukraine” on Jan 25. With that boost it became a clickbait extravaganza.

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Answer to “Why Has The Government Stopped Reporting Lake Mead Water Levels?”

Summary:  Zero Hedge gives today’s example of an ominous trend. The manufacturers of clickbait thrive while journalists are fired and the revenue of newspapers evaporates. They provide a dramatic mixture of fact and fiction, optimized for specific tribes of Americans. Worse, our diminished interest in telling fact from fancy creates audiences for fringe politicians (promoted by clickbait manufacturers) — the kind of people who shouldn’t be allowed near the controls of a great nation.  {2nd of 2 posts.}



Zero Hedge breaks a big story: “Why Has The Government Stopped Reporting Lake Mead Water Levels?” And they point the finger: “In the spirit of data obfuscation a la China and Obama, Lake Mead’s daily reporting has not been posted for six (6!) weeks.” As evidence they go to the private website the “Lake Mead Water Database“.

Update: on the morning of day two, Zero Hedge’s allegation has already has been repeated on 5,500 websites (hundreds of tweets). It will echo through the right-wing internet for weeks.

Through the magic of Google in fifteen seconds I found the Bureau of Reclamation website giving daily water levels through yesterday. And, for a better perspective, the monthly water levels from February 1935 to July 2015. Unfortunately, the truth will never catch up with this lie — and American’s trust in the US government erodes away one particle more.

For fun I suggest scrolling through Zero Hedge’s headlines to see what wing-nuts are worrying about these days. Enemies everywhere. Conspiracies behind every door. Markets are crashing or about the crash, always. The government is broke, with a rising tide about to overwhelm America. Then there are Zero Hedge’s really weird headlines…

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Zero Hedge is a model publisher for 21st C America. Be afraid.

Summary: Perhaps Americans cannot regain control of our nation because we’re lost amidst a wilderness of mirrors, and so unable to clearly see the world. Here’s an example of the fun house media that increasingly dominate web publishing. We choose them over less entertaining but more accurate sources. The cost of doing so is high.  {2nd of 2 posts today; I said there would be only one, but this was too easy.}

Funhouse Mirrors

The secret to success on American media is to run a fun house. Provide entertaining news that is irrelevant to our lives, and distorted to fit to our tribal truths. Few show this better than Zero Hedge (subject of several debunkings here). Investment success requires a hard and cold view of the world, uncontaminated by cant and ideology. Yet ZH provides a flow of cartoon-like stories (plus otherwise difficult to get research from the major Investment Banks and real-time news about breaking news). Its fantastic success both proves that the models of equity research and news publishing are broken (I do consulting in this field, providers refuse to see this as their business dwindles).

Let’s see some examples from ZH today, other than their gold-buggery and conspiracy-mongering.

Why Moar QE Is Inevitable (In 2 Simple Charts)

ZH has been predicting another round of quantitative easing since the Fed announced in June 2013 that they were ending QE (they ended it on 29 October 2014). They have been wrong about this since the economy has continued to grow (which they often deny, even mock).

Worse, they have argued that the economy is not growing — or about to fall into recession — for years. This ignores one of the major economic stories since the crash, the continued slow growth of the US economy. Doesn’t crash, doesn’t “take off”.

Here Is The Flashing Red Light In The Inventory-Sales Ratio

“And guess where inventrories {sic} are soaring the most…”

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