Theory and practice of 4th generation warfare.

A 2000 image of a 14-year-old soldier in Sierra Leone Photograph: Adam Butler/AP.

Women and children make a revolution in military affairs

With few historical precedents, except myths, large numbers of women and children in war is a revolution in military affairs. No new tech will overcome this.

Clash of Civilizations

How to win the Long War

Summary: Yesterday’s post explained why our Long War has produced so few gains at such a high cost in money and blood. It did not explain why our military — led by the best-educated officers in history — repeats the tactics that have failed in so many similar wars? This leads to a second question: after that problem is …

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America burning on 9-11-01

Remember that 9/11 was the most effective military op, ever

Summary: Sixteen years later, with thousands of our troops dead in futile wars, few understand what happened on 9/11/01. It was a dagger at our minds, as are all effective 4GW ops. With a single strike al Qaeda changed America, the most powerful nation that the world has ever seen. Never before have so few changed …

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