Learning from the past

Super Women Take To the Trenches!

A 2015 Russian WWI flick features woman warriors marching to the front lines, bayonets fixed, ready to charge into no man’s land! As I watched the drama unfold, another movie came to mind; Wonder Woman (2017) charging the German lines. How do the two movies compare? Uhh… different would be putting it mildly. Yet, despite being so different, they go hand in hand. They offer insights on their own, but when put side by side, create a whole picture. Wonder Woman and Battalion are polar opposites and teach opposite lessons. But they both serve the same purpose; to overwrite a dark moment in history, replacing it with a fantasy that’s both inspirational and comforting.

Stained Glass of the First Crusade in the St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral.

Birth of a holy war

The great Pope Urban II sought to unite the Christians of Europe and unleash them against Moors in Spain. He got his wish by accident. The result was bloody and tragic. This is historical fiction, rich with insights for us.

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