Our Military

About the operation of our military. It’s strengths and weaknesses.

Military spending

See the real US defense budget: $1.5 trillion

Summary: The Department of Defense uses obscure accounting to conceal its true cost from America’s citizens, assisted by the mainstream press. Long-time DoD expert Winslow Wheeler shows the real cost for our War Department. Like all debunking of our mad military industrial complex since President Eisenhower warned us in 1961, he has been ignored.

USMC logo

A bad trade for the US Marines

Summary: The US Marine Corps’ leaders have begun its largest redesign since preparing for amphibious warfare in the 1930s. See the summary by the Congressional Research Service. It configures the USMC to fight China, and only China. Not to fight the wars that have dominated the world since Korea. 

The Man In a White Corolla

A group of archeologists discovers the rambling diary of a tortured soul slowly going mad. There’s no consistent logic, coherent meaning, or even an apparent chronological order to the bizarre episodes scrawled across the tattered book’s pages. But nonetheless, the engrossed readers can’t help but digest the entire manifesto cover to cover. Now the unhinged protagonist is in uniform, sent away to a faraway war zone. Where this war happened, assuming it happened at all, the madman doesn’t say. But he does describe at length what had started as a boring overnight watch.

War Games

A brief reflection on leadership, humility, and staying grounded in what’s in front of you. Don’t lose the battle before you even leave the drawing board.

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