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A powerful story about America’s dealings with Pakistan, and how the news media hides the facts from us

Summary:  We remain ignorant about the world because we reply on the news media for information.  Recent events provide a powerful case study illustrating not only how the US news media misinforms us but why the American government has a dark reputation in much of the world. The sanitized version:  […]

Exum looks at Af-Pak campaign of the Long War, revealing more about ourselves than the foe

Summary:  Andew Exum’s new report reveals more about America’s defective OODA loop than about the Af-Pak War, esp our myopia (Observation) and insularity (Orientation).  As other posts on the FM website have shown, this is characteristic of our geopolitical experts.  The causes remain obscure.  Perhaps institutional factors, esp the […]

Don’t read this about Blackwater! Why ruin your illusions, so carefully manufactured by our government’s info ops.

I strongly recommend reading this in full.  It’s a long and well-documented (as such things go) article.  Why should foreigners be the only ones to know the truth about America’s wars? “Blackwater’s Secret War in Pakistan“, Jeremy Scahill, The Nation, 23 November 2009 — Excerpt: At a covert […]